Family Style Theology explores theological topics through family conversation. Host Cindy Koch, joined by her children, explore essential questions in a way that is not only theologically satisfying but accessible to the whole family.

Tales of Salvation: WALL-E, Focused on Hope Family Style Theology

WALL-E is a lonely robot wandering in a barren world. However, he protects a tiny remnant of a plant, the promise of a new earth. Like faithful Noah, the story of WALL-E reminds us that we are also waiting for a new heaven and a new earth when Christ returns!   Bible Verses: Genesis 6: 5-7, Genesis 8:10-12, Revelation 22:1-5, Genesis 2:22-23   Question of the Day: What is the first plant you would cultivate on a new earth?   Music: “I see a light” by Joel Allen Hess
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