Season 9

We are all learning how to pray God’s Word together. Join Cindy and the kids in a conversation about a deeper understanding of the Lord’s prayer and what it means. We journey through Luther’s Small Catechism and the Bible to have a conversation about the many things our God gives us to pray.

1 – Our Father

  • Today we begin talking about who is “Our Father”.

2 – Holy Name

  •  In the First Petition of the Lord’s prayer we ask God’s name to be holy among us… what does that mean?

3 – Thy Kingdom

  •  God’s Kingdom is here right now! We believe His Word by the kingly acts that God is doing in our lives today.

4 – Will of God

  • What is God’s Will for you?

5 – Daily Bread

  • The Forth Petition means more than just “give me food.” What is the daily bread that we pray for?

6 – Forgive us

  • Forgive us: that is a hard confession to pray, sometimes. But in this petition, we learn the great mercy of God for ourselves and for others around us!

7 – Temptation

  • We explore temptation today, and the gifts God gives us to combat the devil, the world and our sinful self.

8 – Deliver us From Evil, Amen!

  • God delivers us from all evil by the death and resurrection of His Son, and He truly hears all of our prayers. Yes, yes, it is so!