Season 10

“The Word Lives With Us” is our weekly Podcast Devotion Series to focus your family on the true meaning of Christmas. Each week, Family Style Theology will inspire kids of all ages to hear the Word of God, discover WHO is the Word, and understand that He lives with us! Cindy Koch and children from ages 5-17 will explore John 1:1-14 in a six-series episode season.


  • Let’s hear the story of Jesus from a different point of view, beginning with the creation of the universe! Cindy and the kids talk about JOHN 1:1-3 and discover that the Word is God, and the Word came to our earth in the person of Jesus.


  • What does Light do? It shines in the darkness! In our Advent Devotion on JOHN 1:4-6, we hear that Jesus arrives as the Light of the world. Cindy and the teens explore how this Light changes everything.


  • God sends His words and people to tell us the truth. In our Advent Devotion on JOHN 1:6-9 (15), we hear that John the Baptist always pointed to Jesus. Cindy and the teens discuss how God also sends a witness to us so that we believe that Jesus is coming.


  • The world did not recognize Jesus when He came. In our Advent Devotion on JOHN 1:10-13, Cindy and the kids explore faith, and how we can only “see” with our ears: believing the Word of God!


  • Merry Christmas!  Check out our Advent Devotion on JOHN 1:14 where Cindy and the kids discuss the humiliation of Jesus, why he became flesh, and what that means for us today.


  • Listen in on our After-Advent Devotion on JOHN 1:16-17 where Cindy and the kids discuss the law and gospel and what it means for all of us today.