Tales of Salvation

Season 11

Let’s talk about the stories we know and love! Cindy and the kids explore our favorite fairy tales and childhood stories that reveal themes of good and evil, death and salvation, in a way that even a small child can understand. In preparation for Easter, we will relate our favorite stories to the greatest story ever told: salvation through Jesus Christ!

Snow White and Ashes

Cindy and the kids retell the story of Snow White: a story of sin, death, and resurrection. Entering into Lent, we talk about the significance of Ash Wednesday and the promises in our baptism, telling our story of sin, death, and resurrection for us! (Genesis 3:1-6, 1 Corinthians 15:20, 23)

Learning to Pray

Season 9

We are all learning how to pray God’s Word together. Join Cindy and the kids in a conversation about a deeper understanding of the Lord’s prayer and what it means. We journey through Luther’s Small Catechism and the Bible to have a conversation about the many things our God gives us to pray.

1 – Our Father

  • Today we begin talking about who is “Our Father”.

2 – Holy Name

  •  In the First Petition of the Lord’s prayer we ask God’s name to be holy among us… what does that mean?

3 – Thy Kingdom

  •  God’s Kingdom is here right now! We believe His Word by the kingly acts that God is doing in our lives today.

4 – Will of God

  • What is God’s Will for you?

5 – Daily Bread

  • The Forth Petition means more than just “give me food.” What is the daily bread that we pray for?

6 – Forgive us

  • Forgive us: that is a hard confession to pray, sometimes. But in this petition, we learn the great mercy of God for ourselves and for others around us!

7 – Temptation

  • We explore temptation today, and the gifts God gives us to combat the devil, the world and our sinful self.

8 – Deliver us From Evil, Amen!

  • God delivers us from all evil by the death and resurrection of His Son, and He truly hears all of our prayers. Yes, yes, it is so!

Bomb Hymns

Season 8

SONGS OF MY FAITH! Join Cindy Koch and the teens for a Family Style conversation exploring our favorite “bomb” hymns of the Christian Faith. Together, we discuss imagery, themes, and theology that have been put to music to strengthen our trust in Christ. Our favorites this season include:

1. Lift High the Cross

2. On Eagle’s Wings

3. The Lamb

4. Have No Fear Little Flock

5. I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light

6. Crown Him with Many Crowns


Season 2

In this series, teenage girls and young adult women gather to discuss our greater story found in the Word of God. Based on chapters from the book Cindy wrote for her own daughters: Daughter: Our Story Remembered. Together the girls talk about knowing the truth about ourselves and discovering God’s truth in the Bible.

  1. Daughter: What is your story?
  2. Daughter: A Beautiful Creation
  3. Daughter: A World of Doubt
  4. Daughter: A New Name
  5. Daughter: Unexpected Bride
  6. Daughter: Look in the Mirror?
  7. Daughter: Something’s Not Right
  8. Daughter: Happily Ever… Now!

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